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Coffee Shop for sale

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Coffee Shop Sale


Pattaya, Thailand

Licenses and Compliance:

All the required licenses to conduct the business are available.

Opportunity for Growth:

Expansion Possibilities: The unique feature lies in the two additional floors that have yet to be fully utilized. These floors present a golden opportunity to significantly enhance your investment and diversify revenue streams.

Option 1: In-House Cannabis Production: Imagine the potential of cultivating your own premium cannabis on-site, leveraging the untapped space to yield a high-quality product.. Our team can provide assistance in your venture by assisting in acquiring the necessary growing licenses, equipment’s and connecting you with experienced professionals to guide you through the cultivation process.

Option 2: Alternative Revenue Streams: Should the in-house cannabis production not align with your vision; we propose alternative uses for the top two floors:

Hostel/Home Stay: Tap into the thriving hospitality industry by converting the space into a trendy hostel or home stay, catering to the growing demand for unique and immersive accommodations.

Roof-Top Bar: Create a captivating rooftop bar, with a sophisticated atmosphere to attract patrons seeking a memorable dining and social experience.

Massage Center: Capitalize on the wellness trend by establishing a massage center, providing relaxation services and contributing to the holistic appeal of your business.

Sales includes everything furnitures, equipment, accessories etc

Financial Snapshot:

Rent: 30,000 THB, Deposit: 90,000 THB

Please contact me for pictures, viewing and any other information only about the property.

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